Use this page to share the non-fiction books challenge participants read. Non-Fiction for this challenge is any book focused on a particular food or food in general. It may also be a book about a method of food preparation or about the food industry or a diet guide or whatever. Use your own judgement here.

Please use the linky  below so we know the title of the book you read and link directly to your review post, not just your blog. If you're new to this linky, this is how to fill it out:

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Jane said...

It was hard to decide exactly which category The Supper of the Lamb belonged in, so I put it here.

Vicki said...

That's the category I'd have chosen too Jane!

If I can't figure out the category of a book, I check it out the tags for the book on LibraryThing.

Anonymous said...

I hope "Paper or Plastic" was appropriate here. It's about food packaging waste, which relates to, well, food. :)

Vicki said...

Totally appropriate! I'm going now to check out your review!