Memoirs & Biographies

Use this page to share the memoirs, biographies, and so forth that you read for this challenge. For this part of the challenge a book qualifies if it is focused around food in the form of a memoir, a biography, an autobiography, or a personal essay or narrative.

Please use the linky  below so we know the title of the book you read and link directly to your review post, not just your blog. If you're new to this linky, this is how to fill it out:

First Line: Name/Blog & Title of Book
Example: Vicki @ I'd Rather Be At The Beach: The Cake Boss

Second Line: email address (not shown)

Third Line: URL link to your review

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Stacey said...

Apologize that I had to link only to the challenge page on my blog and not the review directly to "Paris, My Sweet" but my URL was more than 100 characters so it wouldn't accept it.